Patch query - single email per bug

Kevin Benton kevin.benton at
Wed Dec 1 20:40:58 UTC 2004

That's exactly what we've been doing here and also the reason why I'd
add the config flag to enable/disable it.


On Wed, 2004-12-01 at 13:32, J. Paul Reed wrote:
> On 01 Dec 2004 at 13:27:39, Kevin Benton arranged the bits on my disk to say:
> > Before I send it up for review, I wanted to get feedback on the idea
> > first.  I plan to implement a flag to enable/disable this feature named
> > OneEmailPerBug with a status of on/off.
> The reason, IIRC, that we didn't do this is because of the
> X-Bugzilla-Reason: header, and the fact that we wanted mail sent to people,
> not to a list of people.
> If you can resolve the fact that you'd have to send email to classes of
> people (owner, all CC list, etc.), then it should be an acceptable
> optimization.
> Later,
> Paul
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