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David Miller justdave at
Wed Aug 11 04:29:07 UTC 2004

Gervase Markham wrote:

> David Miller wrote:
>> We are plugging a PayPal account from our website.  It belongs to the 
>> Mozilla Foundation, and it's their generic donate link.  I've been 
>> trying (unsuccessfully so far) to get something set up where they can 
>> track how many of those donations are because of Bugzilla.  If we do 
>> our own PayPal setup without going through the Foundation, we lose the 
>> tax-exemptness of the donations.
> Indeed - the ring-fencing is the way to go. Where are you getting stuck?

I'll reply to you off-list on this.

>> I think the Bugzilla project could use a full-time administrator 
>> (whether that winds up being me or not).  
> How much would we need to pay such an individual?

dunno.  Enough for them to live on? Which of course varies widely by 
where they live, too.  (and with the help of another part-time job to 
cover the other half of their week, if they do it part-time)

> Would part-time do to start with? You can do a lot in 20 dedicated hours 
> a week...

That would probably be significantly better than what we have now. :)

Dave Miller      Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System   

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