SCM Integration support in Bugzilla

David Miller justdave at
Tue Aug 3 05:23:07 UTC 2004

Kristis Makris wrote:

> Please comment on which of these functions could be accepted in some
> integration API. I'd like us all to define the minimum set of functions
> that are guaranteed to be available (or backported) in Bz 2.14.x, Bz
> 2.16.x, Bz 2.18.x and anything in the future. I'd like you to force me
> to use a single package (e.g. that is guaranteed to
> never break the bugtracking-backend integration, and that we all upgrade
> accordingly when schema changes occur.

It ain't gonna happen.  The API that exists in 2.14/2.16 is rapidly 
going away.  We can probably agree on something for 2.20 and forward 
that will be persistent, but the stuff in the older versions ( 
and are glaring examples) are not mod_perl compatible and will be 
going away as soon as we can make them do so; so API compatibility 
between 2.20 and 2.16 is probably not a possibility.

Dave Miller      Project Leader, Bugzilla Bug Tracking System   

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