ThrowCodeError vs ThrowUserError

John P. Fisher john.fisher at
Thu Apr 15 15:18:51 UTC 2004

 From Mr. Peanut:    ;>)

"Bugzilla has suffered an internal error" sounds like Hal 9000, and we all 
know what happened to him, errrr  ummmm, it.
I think the difference between the two types of error message is mis-defined:

User errors should first and foremost direct the user to redoing the 
mistake in a correct way
i.e. "Please go back and try again, maybe you mistyped?"
"Bugzilla requires a six-character password, please try again"
"You aren't configured to change products. Ask your administrator 
<youradmin at> for help."

Code errors should direct the developers to the actual problem so it can be 
"Bugzilla::MySub failed to get argument 3, here are arg1 arg2"
"SendSQL returned a SQL error  $@ "


At 01:23 AM 4/15/2004, you wrote:
>David Miller wrote:
>>Thoughts from the peanut gallery?
>OK, this flowed well, but it's not what I meant. :)  Everyone's opinion is 
>important. :)  (At least until we make a final decision on it :)
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