Product version in Bug Activity

Ricardo Oliveira rlmcdo at
Mon Apr 5 21:01:13 UTC 2004

>The version is already 
>recorded in the bug activity 
>when it changes.
Ok, and that is helpful, my idea starts from that.

>That screen is a direct 
>reflection of an underlying 
>database table which tracks 
>only changes to bugs. IMO it 
>wouldn't be good for it to 
>start acquiring entries for 
>fields which hadn't changed.
What about creating some table schema that could be used in a join with 'bugs_activity' so that one could click in any line on the bug activity list and see - in a new detail page - a more extended bug snapshot at that point in time? Or, alternatively, have some sort of 'change columns' in activity list to do a custom list as in the query page.

Don't you think a feature enhancement similar to this is worthwhile?

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