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Sat Apr 3 16:23:28 UTC 2004

Perhaps this isn't an issue on the Unix side, but on the Windows side you have to get a version of the modules that have been compiled for the particular version of ActiveState that you're using.
For the latest and greatest version of ActiveState, the ActiveState PPM repository doesn't contain a number of the modules that Bugzilla requires.  The one that comes closest is the Apache PPM repository, but it still doesn't have the Chart module.
In fact, I couldn't find a PPM respository that had a version of Chart that was compatible with the latest version of ActiveState.  So I downloaded the source and compiled it myself for that version.  However, that requires tools (MS VC++ 6.0) and skills that perhaps a small subset of the Windows users have.
Unfotunately, the folks running those PPM repositories don't appear to allow folks to submit compiled modules to them.  So if Bugzilla continues to use Chart, there is no good repository to point people to in order to get the modules for the latest version of ActiveState.  The options are to:
   (a) tell people not to use that version or not to use Chart if they do, and/or
   (b) tell people they have to download the source for Chart and compile it themselves for that version of ActiveState, and/or
   (b) make the Chart module available on a PPM respository we control, and tell folks to get the rest of the modules from Apache and the Chart module from that other repository, and/or 
   (c) make all of the modules available on a PPM repository we control, so that folks have 'one-stop-shopping' for those modules.  It would also help clear up some confusion in that different PPM repository package the different modules into packages under slightly different names.
Of course, if Chart is coming out, that's not an issue.  Will it be out for the 2.18 release though?

Gervase Markham <gerv at> wrote:
Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase] wrote:
> I've done a compile of Chart for ActiveState 5.8.3 (build 809), which is 
> the only module I couldn't find in either the Apache or ActiveState 
> repositories. However, I've discovered that ActiveState doens't have a 
> policy for accepting user submitted PPMs, and it doesn't appear that 
> Apache does either.

Er... as far as I can tell, the Chart module is only used by the old 
charts, reports.cgi, which are deprecated and due for removal. Does that 
affect all this Windows stuff I'm not following and don't really 
understand? ;-)

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