Daniel Berlin dberlin at dberlin.org
Thu Apr 1 16:19:56 UTC 2004

>> I didn't make the approriate changes to checksetup, etc. I just
>> installed all the new modules it required.
>> IE proper patches are more complex, but not prohibitively so.
>> If you just want the ripped out XMLRPC stuff, i can redo the patch
> I'd appreciate it- I think it's an important feature, and I'd love to
> test it as quickly as possible at bugzilla.gnome.org and maybe try to
> push it upstream from there.
Will do.

>> (I've since discarded it, none of our gcc developers have time to play
>> with xml-rpc :P) pretty quickly.
> I know RH's developers have done some cool things with it, and I'm sure
> the gnome community will think of similar things once we deploy it.
No doubt you could.
You guys actually use bug-reporting software that communicates with the 
bugzilla server (IE bug-buddy).
We don't (don't ask, trying to push gcc past the base requirement of 
just a c compiler and a libc is already enough of a fight :P)

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