A set of issues.

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Tue Sep 30 22:57:46 UTC 2003

Vijayan.R.A.Reddy wrote:
> 1) The Bugzilla (talking about 2.16.3), doesnt have a way to define
> roles, and to restrict roles pertaining to States. Something like a QA
> Role should not move a bug to "RESOLVED" state. Is there a way to
> implement this (NO. not through setting "can edit a bug" off... I need
> my QA to edit the bug if they need to add more description after filing
> a bug).
> Is there a way to do it without changing the code ?

No. Educate your users. :-)

> 2) Is there a way by which we can configure the workflow of the bug ?
> I have done it through changing the code. But we require defining
> different workflows on product basis, including the states and the state
> transformations. Is it possible, again without changing the code ?

No. You can rename the states in the templates - i.e. have them display 
as different names - using as complicated logic as you like. But you 
can't change the flow.

> 3) Has anyone tried having multiple instances of Bugzilla running, each
> for a different group {something like that} and have these Bugzilla's in
> sync. Like moving issues from one bugzilla to another, where they have
> two different databases { really, that's my requirement :) }

What exactly do you mean by "having them in sync"? You can have two 
Bugzillas, and you can move reports between them (although it's fiddly, 
and they get a new bug number.)


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