problem in understanding attachments

Christopher Aillon caillon at
Fri Sep 26 18:03:22 UTC 2003

sadia aina wrote:

> I am working on bugzilla database for software
>project. i got few problems in understanding bugzilla.
>1)when a bug is fixed is it necasary that every bug
>contains a patch.

That depends on your development policy.  Bugzilla does not require it 
to be so.

>2) if the bug is fixed without attaching patch ,what
>other possibiliteis are.
I'm not entirely sure what you are asking but that again sounds like a 
policy decision your project manager will need to make.

>3)Is there any realtion between bug with high risk to
Do you mean the high risk keyword?  Each bugzilla can make its own 
keywords, and define their own meanings.  Check with your bugzilla 
maintainer, or look at

Bugzilla is just a piece of software.  Like other pieces of software, it 
is up to certain people how they are used.  For example, some people use 
windows for productivity work.  Some use it for games.  You need to 
figure out how your bugzilla instance is being used.


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