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XiaoJun Zhao zhaoxj at
Fri Sep 12 05:54:30 UTC 2003

Hello, Andreas Ho"fler,

	Yes, I create two products with two components, and the I specified two users for each component. I let one user to reports the other's own component, but two users can't receive an email. And I checked the option which let sendmail immediately when a bug changed.
	Thanks for your reply.
        XiaoJun Zhao
        zhaoxj at

======= 2003-09-12 07:22:00 in your email: =======

>if YOU change something on a bug, the default setting is to EXCLUDE YOU
>from the
>people to mail to.
>Do you get mail if somebody other than you changes your bugs?
>Best regards,
>XiaoJun Zhao wrote:
>>	I installed a new bugzilla 2.14 in Linux 7.3. It can run, but I meet a strange problem:
>>	I will recieve email when I input my email address, and submit a request to get my forgotten password, it says the bugzilla can call sendmail correctly. I can't receive emails when I report a bugs or do everything with a bugs, but my user preferences is right. How can I resolve the problem? Can you help me, or tell me who can I resolve it.
>>        XiaoJun Zhao
>>        zhaoxj at
>>          2003-09-12
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