Error in Post_bug.cgi line 303

David Miller justdave at
Fri Oct 31 16:54:28 UTC 2003

On 10/31/2003 8:53 AM +0530, Pankaj Savdekar wrote:

> I'm using bugzilla 2.16.3 on linux machine. When one of my collegue tried to
> file a bug through internet (not intranet), he gets the following message,
> can anyone help me to sort out this problem?
> Bug 2 has been added to the database
> Software error:
> Insecure dependency in exec while running with -T switch at
> /usr/local/bugzilla/post_bug.cgi line 303.

This is

You can either grab the patch off that bug, or download 2.16.4 when it gets
posted this afternoon.
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