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Baqa Mkhize bee at itservices.co.za
Thu Oct 30 15:18:04 UTC 2003

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I am using a debian linux operating system.  I am having a problem when 
I am trying
to open up my attachments on my e-mail.  I have modified my font paths 
manually on
the AbiWord application, so I'm able to read some of my attachements. 
 Would you please
help me with advices of what should I do to be able to read most of my 
cause I have tried different applications including Kspread but most of 
them come out
with some kind of an error and sometimes they simply crash or the screen 
just becomes
grey and blank.  Please help or do I have to install or download 
 certain software.  I have
enclosed this attachement, so that you can see some of the problems I 
encouter.  Please

Regards, Baqa

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