possible bug in colchange.cgi?

Kalaveshi, Adrian akalaveshi at rsasecurity.com
Fri Oct 24 15:24:13 UTC 2003

BTW, I filed a bug on this just yesterday, BUG 223473.  There's a limitation
in IE 6.0 in that if a refresh header exceeds 263 characters, the refresh
won't occur -- I assumed this was what was happening with our installation.
Not sure if that limitation is documented anywhere or if there's some other
reason why it doesn't refresh.  I merely added a link directing the user to
the new query.


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Jonathan Schatz wrote:
> clicking on the "Change Columns" link seems to not work in IE6 (with all
> patches). it doesn't look like ie respects the "Refresh: 0;
> URL=buglist.cgi" HTTP header. adding the following line in colchange.cgi
> made ie happy:

Have you disabled Meta Refresh in IE 6? I believe this is possible...


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