The Bugzilla website needs an overhaul

David Miller justdave at
Thu Oct 23 23:40:56 UTC 2003

On 10/23/2003 2:49 PM -0700, Mike Morgan wrote:

> It brings up an good question in my mind about -- do they
> have an established web identity and/or template tools so project pages
> can have a similar look and feel in _certain areas_ of their pages that
> tie them into without sacrificing individuality?  An example
> of such an 'area' would be a consistent banner, image, horizontal nav,
> etc., that ties into the main site without MAKING IT the
> main site.
> OSU uses a black or orange banner a the top of pages to signify a tie
> into the university, and after that it's free game.  Many universities
> follow this same type of format, like UW, Ohio State, MIT, UofO, etc.
> Example: (my dept's site)

Yeah, if you look at the Bugzilla website at you can see the banner that gets
included on anything viewed via their site that doesn't disable it.  That's
the old design.  The new design is at and as you can see, we
appear to have some major clashes with their new stylesheet :)

The site update script for doesn't add the Mozilla
banner/navbar at the moment.
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