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Christian Robottom Reis kiko at async.com.br
Thu Oct 23 23:29:10 UTC 2003

On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 04:55:27PM -0500, Steven Suson wrote:
> >>  As for what an ECN is.... Upon successful completion of an ECR (i.e. 
> >>it was FIXED), a board decides what actual changes need to be made to 
> >>schematics, software, hardware, etc. Once this is done, email 

Going back to read this, let me see if I am understanding this
correctly: the bug itself (the ECR) is only a description of the change
that needs to be done, and the ECN is an approval of the bug?

I guess I want to understand what an ECR being "completed"/FIXED means.

> The ECB acts on a *Description of Proposed Change(s) *to decide an* 
> **Engineering Decision / Action Required. *Also, for the given 
> *PART NUMBER *of the ECR (which is what we use the bugzilla URL field 
> as) and the associated *NEXT ASSEMBLY NUMBER *both have associated 
> *STOCK* and *WIP* actions which are *USE_AS-IS, REWORK/RETROFIT, *and 
> actions which are the same choices.

Don't think that I'm totally on the ball here, but let me try and model
a scenario that I think could work with that we currently have in

As far as I can see, you could implement ECNs as requests (possibly
using the request tracker to allow a unique ID to be set to each) -- the
main differences I've perceived so far are

    - You need a fixed set of reviewers per bug, and review is requested
      to all of them at once.

    - You have additional bound actions that need to be specified as
      part of the review.

The ECB is a list of people from whom approval is requested, and we
could model them by using approval requests such as we use on
bugzilla.mozilla.org (see the "My Requests" link on b.m.o if you've
never seen that in use).

Each of the ECB members should approve the changes proposed in the ECR,
and when approval is granted, ECR recipients and CC: list are notified
-- you get that for free with requests.

Do the ECB members vary, or are they fixed or under an alias? 
Do the ECNs need to be individually numbered, or could they be seen as a
natural part of ECR resolution?

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