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David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Thu Oct 23 03:30:13 UTC 2003

On 10/16/2003 6:46 PM +0100, Gervase Markham wrote:

> Jeremy L. Mordkoff wrote:
>> Are we using the version field wrong?
> This is a hard problem. But a better solution is to use Version for the
> earliest version you know the bug is present in, and Target Milestone
> for the version it will be fixed in (when the bug is open) and the
> version it was fixed in (when the bug is resolved.)
> That way, you can indicate a range.

It does get difficult when you wind up fixing it in more than one version
(but not the versions in between) as is common when you have a "stable"
branch and a "development" branch like we currently do with Bugzilla itself.

A bug might be reported in version 2.16.3.  We fix it in 2.17.5.  But it's
a serious enough bug that we also fix it in 2.16.4.  For the Bugzilla
project, we've been using the status whiteboard for this so far.  We
generally use the actual version field for the version it was reported
against, and use target milestones to indicate what version we hope to have
it fixed in when it's open, and what version it did get fixed in once it's
closed.  If it gets fixed in more than one version, then both versions get
put on the status whiteboard as "[fixed in 2.16.4] [fixed in 2.17.5]".
This is far from ideal, but it's another idea until someone implements a
better way :)
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