Create Attachments on the local filesystem

Joel Peshkin bugreport at
Wed Oct 22 13:08:45 UTC 2003

I very often need to attach files that cannot be compressed to less than 
150MB to a bug.   Regardless of how these are stored, the fact that we 
cannot do this today is a problem.  What we need is a solution that....

1) Permits attachments of sizes limited only by site policy.
2) Permits large attachments to have a retention date after which the 
space can be recovered.
3) Does not store the entire attachment in memory while working with it.
4) I don't care if I cannot search the attachment contents if the 
attachment is > 16MB. I never need to do that.

Implementing this is a completely seperate matter.  Perhaps the right 
thing to do is to ....
a) add a mechanism to permit large attachments to span many database 
b) permit a retention policy to be used for large attachments (e.g. 
Delete if obsolete > 6 months and size > 10MB and undownloaded > 6 
months and bug unchanged > 6 months)

Does MySQL automatically recover space after deletions or does some 
maintainance function have to be called?


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