XLS output of bug lists?

Christopher Hicks chicks at chicks.net
Mon Oct 20 23:35:00 UTC 2003

I've been working on the tasks in a bug stuff and I've gotten side tracked 
to some extent.

Bugzilla produces CSV bug lists now and I know that it can do XML, etc.  
But from a "I need to calculate some things" perspective I keep finding
myself taking these CSV files into OpenOffice.  This would be nearly a one
click process if bugzilla just spit out an XLS instead.  I've used
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel on several other projects and feel I could cleanly
integrate it into the query script.  The questions are:

- Is there any chance of a patch getting accepted that does this?

- Would it be necessary to make the functionality entirely optional or 
not?  I can do it either way, but if people like the idea enough to be 
willing to accept an additional module prerequisite it would certainly 
make the whole thing more straight forward to do.



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