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John P. Fisher john.fisher at znyx.com
Tue Oct 14 22:06:13 UTC 2003

I am just lurking, and no great expert, but we had pretty much the same 
problem with Bugzilla. It is essential to track which releases have 
bugfixes and enhancements. For us, I just created a new table that contains 
the bug_id and the version-fixed in. The listboxes for version-fixed-in are 
populated with the same list as version, but I have some (controversial) 
code that prevents the found-in and fixed-in fields from using the same 
version. So we can now have a query which says product X version 123 fixed 
in, and get the list that were fixed ( or enhanced) between the previous 
version and the one listed.  This seems to work pretty well, though the 
implementation is crude.

Do later versions of Bugzilla ( later than 2.13x ) support tracking bugs 
that appear in multiple products|components|versions ? We still have that 
problem with Bugzilla.

Hope this helps a little


At 01:44 PM 10/14/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>We have bugs that span releases. That is, they are found in 1.0, fixed in 
>1.1. Right now they are logged with the version field set to version in 
>which they are (to be) fixed. How do I generate a list of bugs that exist 
>in 1.0? Some may be marked fixed in 1.1 and some may be marked as open and 
>to be fixed in 1.1? The only bugs that I can be sure were fixed in 1.0 are 
>those whose version is still 1.0, but any bugs we decided could wait until 
>1.1 are now marked 1.1.
>What I think is needed is a table of versions associated with each bug. 
>This could show all of the builds that were ever tested for this problem 
>and the results, something like
>  ...

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