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Jeremy L. Mordkoff jlm at TataraSystems.com
Tue Oct 14 17:44:05 UTC 2003

If this is the wrong forum, please forgive....I'm taking over an
installation and I'm not sure where to go for help.


We have bugs that span releases. That is, they are found in 1.0, fixed
in 1.1. Right now they are logged with the version field set to version
in which they are (to be) fixed. How do I generate a list of bugs that
exist in 1.0? Some may be marked fixed in 1.1 and some may be marked as
open and to be fixed in 1.1? The only bugs that I can be sure were fixed
in 1.0 are those whose version is still 1.0, but any bugs we decided
could wait until 1.1 are now marked 1.1.


Are we using the version field wrong? If we use the version field to
indicate which version a problem was found in, how do we track the
versions (note plural) that it was fixed in? Should we be creating a
separate product for each major release and entering some bugs twice? Do
we not close it until the bug is fixed in all known versions? What if we
decide a fix is too risky for an older version or we obsolete a version?


What I think is needed is a table of versions associated with each bug.
This could show all of the builds that were ever tested for this problem
and the results, something like


1.0.21      broken

1.0.22      ok

1.1.12      broken

1.1.37      ok

1.2.1          ok


To indicate that the bug existed in and was fixed in both 1.0 and 1.1
but never existed in 1.2. (I will leave it as an exercise to the SQL
gurus to come up with a query that can find bugs that are open in a
particular release or in any release :-) ) Is this a total waste of an
idea? If not, does anyone have any inkling as to the potential effort to
implement? I do need to fix this problem, so I could potentially invest
some time in bugzilla. 


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