How many downloads a day?

David Miller justdave at
Sun Oct 12 03:48:32 UTC 2003

On 10/11/2003 3:23 PM -0700, Jim Walters wrote:

How many downloads a day/month/year whatever are there of Bugzilla?

I can get monthly....

We don't have complete stats yet for September or October because of the
server migration from AOL to the Mozilla Foundation.

via FTP during the month of August 2003:
2.16.3:  1531 downloads
2.17.4:  449 downloads

I'm told the numbers are typically higher via HTTP than via FTP, but our
HTTP stats only seem to list the top 30 files on the server rather than the
top 100 like the FTP does, and we're not in the top 30. :)   So for total
download count, you can probably double those and add a little bit.

That completely stunned me when I looked that up (I'd honestly never tried
to find out before).  :)  I never expected the download counts to be that

For the record, Bugzilla 2.16.3 was the 35th most-downloaded file on for the month, and 2.17.4 was the 86th most-downloaded file.

Once everything settles a bit from the server migration, I'll probably be
able to get ahold of logfiles to get the exact HTTP stats and more current
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