Separating Insert/Update code from post_bug/process_bug (was Re: Bugzilla-Front-End Eclipse Plug-In)

Ludovic Dubost ludovic at
Mon Oct 6 09:19:43 UTC 2003


While it is true that it is easy to write additional code that 
insert/updates bugzilla entries, you still need to copy paste a lot of 
code.. This also makes more code to modify when features are added..
It would be great to separate the Insert/Update code from post_bug.cgi 
and process_bug.cgi and move it to I did that a while ago for a 
feature for importing MS Project files, but it is now outdated..

Basically the idea is that post_bug and process_bug create a Bug object 
and then call ->Insert or ->Update instead of having all the code in the 
CGI script..
I'm ready to help on this but would need to do that with somebody that 
will check the code in CVS in order to make sure it is done right..


Gervase Markham wrote:

> Jose de Leon wrote:
>> But this would be only for getting reports or query outputs, 
>> correct?  What about posting data to enter a new bug or to register 
>> or logon?
> You'd enter a new bug by submitting an HTTP GET, as now - just 
> generated by the IDE rather than the browser. Same with logging on.
> It's true that there are more screens which would require an XML-based 
> format, but writing them isn't hard.
>> What if you don't want to use the current bugzilla authentication 
>> method but rather your own method 
> That we can do; Bugzilla's authentication methods are now pluggable, 
> thanks to bbaetz.
>> and simply want to post data or retrieve data from calling the 
>> command line on the backend and not from http requests.  
> There's a Bugzilla command-line interface on Freshmeat.
> Gerv
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