Bugzilla-Front-End Eclipse Plug-In

Jose de Leon jose at invisiondns.com
Sat Oct 4 05:23:12 UTC 2003

But this would be only for getting reports or query outputs, correct?  
What about posting data to enter a new bug or to register or logon?  
What if you don't want to use the current bugzilla authentication method 
but rather your own method and simply want to post data or retrieve data 
from calling the command line on the backend and not from http 
requests.  I'm thinking like Marcel, it looks like the easiest option is 
to simulate a browser with curl possibly since the bugzilla code doesn't 
seem to lend itself to an API yet.

Gervase Markham wrote:

> Marcel Schoen wrote:
>> However, the major issue here for me is how to access Bugzilla. As 
>> far as
>> I  understand, there is not really any defined "Service API". I think 
>> I'd
>> just have to basically simulate a browser, sending HTTP requests, 
>> parsing
>> the HTML response.
> You definitely don't want to do that. Even now, Bugzilla supports 
> several forms of XML output - RDF for buglists, our own XML schema for 
> bugs. That's much easier and more robust to parse than HTML.
> Try &ctype=xml or &ctype=rdf on some URLs for recent Bugzilla versions.
> Gerv
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