Is there a backend interface to bugzilla?

Stuart stu at
Thu Oct 2 03:01:09 UTC 2003

"Eric S. Raymond" <esr at>:
> Christian Reis <kiko at>:
> > Offshoot question: is there a consensus that moving to an XML-RPC
> > interface is what we should be doing (for a 'foreign interface')?
> As I'm not a Bugzilla developer myself, I make no claim that I can form
> part of the appropriate consensus.  But in case my opinion is of any
> * I am not religiously attached to XML-RPC, an in fact have never worked
>   with it before (except that I once brought up a test server just to
>   get familar with it).
> * I do think XML-RPC the right thing in this situation. or at least
>   none of the alternatives are obviously better to my eye.
> * We could design a custom transaction protocol with some minor advantages
>   if we wanted to, but since Red Hat has already done the work for XML-RPC
>   and there is even prototype client code out there (bugzuki) why not take
>   advantage of that?
> XML-RPC seems like both the lazy and the smart solution in this case.

Forgive me, but I am at the Web Service Edge conference this week, and in
all the hype around Web Services, I can't help but toss in the idea that
SOAP might be a better solution, allowing for incorporating user
identification and signing along with transport independence.  I haven't
developed any SOAP apps, but I have done some with XML-RPC, and I am not
really sure why XML-RPC would be any better than SOAP, (other than it may
already be done of course...)

-Stuart Donaldson-

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