Is there a backend interface to bugzilla?

Christian Reis kiko at
Wed Oct 1 19:29:04 UTC 2003

On Wed, Oct 01, 2003 at 02:58:14PM -0400, Tom Emerson wrote:
> jose at writes:
> > I would like to integrate my app with bugzilla but prefer not to use the
> > generated html output from bugzilla.  Is there a backend interface to
> > bugzilla where I can just post queries and get plain text responses that I
> > can parse and display as I need?
> I would bootstrap off the existing Perl query code: some of that was
> refactored for the templating system, but not all of it. I ended up
> writing my own Python interface to the Bugzilla database for some
> custom work here. I can make this available to anyone who wants it.

-- and ESR and I are working on a (commandline) Python bug
submission tool. See bug 220724 for details (we should have a script
attached there RSN<tm>). 

What sort of .py interface do you provide?

Offshoot question: is there a consensus that moving to an XML-RPC
interface is what we should be doing (for a 'foreign interface')?

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