Is there a backend interface to bugzilla?

Jason Pyeron jason at
Wed Oct 1 19:02:41 UTC 2003

Here is the standard response:

there is an xml, and other import/export interfaces over http.

take a look at the mod_perl bug, since it is going to make it into a 

anyone got the bug number?

Here we are working on producing a Java lib for bugzilla.

CAN WE PLEASE make this a FAQ entry?


Jason Pyeron

On Wed, 1 Oct 2003 jose at wrote:

> I would like to integrate my app with bugzilla but prefer not to use the
> generated html output from bugzilla.  Is there a backend interface to
> bugzilla where I can just post queries and get plain text responses that I
> can parse and display as I need?
> If not, I'll be adding such interface to bugzilla, let me know if you would
> all be interested and I'll submit my changes.
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