Bugzilla on windows latest version?

Pankaj Savdekar savdekar at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 1 07:44:53 UTC 2003


I want to evaluate Bugzilla for our team on windows OS. I know Bugzilla team 
promots the Unix based systems, but I have no control over OS selection.

I tried 2.16.3 version of bugzilla on windows. I tried to apply patch for 
bug 124174, but some of the file like post_bug.cgi, are not compatible with 
2.16.3 post_bug.cgi file. Then I left that portion and tried then I 
encounter CheckFormField function related problem in post_bug.cgi.

Could you please reply to my following questions?
1. Which version of bugzilla is most suitable for windows?
2. Where can I get it?

I read on bugzilla page that you have to as to bugzilla developers about the 
stable version of developer release, so could you please tell me which is 
the stable version of 2.17 brnach?

Thanks in advance.

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