Lines really long in comment fields

David Miller justdave at
Mon Mar 24 14:22:38 UTC 2003

Right now it's a problem when you enter the bug.  It *should* be a problem
when the bug is displayed.  The intended fix is to get rid of the hard-wrap
attributes on the text boxes and either do display-time wrapping when the
comments are displayed to the user, or hard-wrap the text server-side after
it's uploaded instead of depending on the browser to do it like we do
currently.  My personal vote is to do it display time, as it makes things
more flexible and also automatically fixes all the old, currently-broken

On 3/24/03 9:05 AM -0500, Casey Gregoire wrote:

> Is this a problem that comes from when you enter the bug or just when it is
> displayed?
> Thanks,
> 	Casey Gregoire
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> On 3/21/03 6:01 PM -0500, Casey Gregoire wrote:
>> Which patch do I apply? All I get is errors when I try to apply it.
> I don't think there's a working one on there yet.  There were a few
> prototypes done, but it's been a long time and the code has changed a lot.
> (I think the existing patches are 2.14 era)

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