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Casey Gregoire caseyg at chsamerica.com
Thu Mar 20 16:12:35 UTC 2003

Ok. SO I COULD use that to transfer my database from 2.17 back to 2.16 if I
had to? I don't plan to at this time. But I needed to be able to answer the
question when asked.

	Casey Gregoire

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On 3/20/03 10:01 AM -0500, Casey Gregoire wrote:

> The other day I asked about the converting a database back to 2.16 from
> 2.17. I am wondering, why is that the database changed so much that you
> not use the older version with the data? Also, would this mean the
> for transferring bugs from one database to another will not work across
> these two versions? I have not messed with that option much so I don't
> much about it.

The externally visible field names remained the same in most places, just
the way they're represented in the database is different.  So the XML
transfer should still work.  In the case of new fields, whichever one
doesn't recognize them will just list the unrecognized ones in the comment
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