An alternate approach to custom fields

Sean McAfee etzwane at
Tue Mar 18 21:07:52 UTC 2003

David Miller <justdave at> wrote:
>On 3/17/03 6:24 PM -0500, Sean McAfee wrote:
>> Alternately, I could jump in and try to help get custom fields done the
>> "right" way.  My boss has even suggested that it might be possible to use
>> some of my at-work time for this.  Is it reasonably possible that a new
>> developer could bring himself up to speed and drive the completion of an
>> official custom fields patch in, say, a few months?

>I would say that's certainly possible, and we'd certainly welcome the help. :)

Ah, excellent!  I'll probably be taking that route, then.

Is the proper place for discussing the details here, on this list, or via
the comments section of 91307, or elsewhere?

Sean McAfee
etzwane at

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