CVS update, reset or preserve bugzilla

Joseph Phillips jphillips at
Mon Mar 17 20:10:35 UTC 2003

I tried to send this to the mozilla-webtools list, but it is rejected
since I'm not on the whitelist.  The rejection email instructs me to
send mail to the postmaster in order to be added to the
list.  However, this email address is not included.  Would someone
kindly send me this email?  Thanks.

Below is the message I am seeking an answer on, in case anyone on this
list would be kind enough to respond.  Thank you.

I have an existing installation of bugzilla, version 2.14.1.  I am
interested to run the "Update Existing Install" procedure as described
on the webpage.

The procedure basically involves logging into the bugzilla CVS server
and running the command "$ cvs update -rBugzilla_Stable -dP".

I want to know if this will reset all customization that I have made on
the cgi/html files on this bugzilla installation to the default version
from the public CVS server?

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