Bugzilla Extensions

James Smith jamessmith449 at lycos.co.uk
Sun Mar 16 21:48:58 UTC 2003


It's not really bugzilla extensions, the kind of things I'm planning to
develop are mobile "applications" using J2ME or other mobile technology.

The idea I'm thinking about, consist in develop a mobile application that
allows use some of the functionalities of bugzilla (i.e. notifications,
consult bug status...).

So, I would like to know if there is any experience or any projects, that,
from an external application (probably running in other language i.e. java,
C++...), communicates and/or uses some of the bugzilla functionalities.

Thanks again


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> James Smith wrote:
> > I'm new to bugzilla as a developer.  I wanna know if bugzilla has, for
> > example, Corba IDL Interfaces to allow use bugzilla "api" from other
> > languages like java.  Or at least if 'bugzilla' has plans to do
> > similar
> We have no Corba IDL interfaces, no. Bugzilla is not a library, and so
> does not have an API in that sense
> > I've serched all around the bugzilla site and couldn't found any
> > about this matter
> >
> > I'm asking you this, 'cause I'm planning develop some extensions to
> > bugzilla
> What sort of extensions? We'd be able to answer your question much
> better if you were more specific
> Gerv
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