"Group X Bugs Access" drop-down menu item

David Miller justdave at syndicomm.com
Fri Mar 14 21:46:35 UTC 2003

I'm copying this to the mozilla-webtools list because this is more of a
tech-support question than a development issue.  Please direct any replies

On 3/14/03 12:50 PM -0800, Joseph Phillips wrote:

> I have a bugzilla 2.10 installation.

2.10 is full of security holes.  You need to upgrade.

> This has 4 products.  When the
> user goes to enter a new bug on any of these products, towards the
> bottom of the page there are 2 drop-down menu items.  The first one has
> two choices:
> 1.  "People not in the 'Group 1 Bugs Access' group can see this bug"
> 2.  "Only people in the 'Group 1 Bugs Access' group can see this bug"
> The second drop-down menu item has the same two choices, but for 'Group
> 2' instead.
> I do not have "usebuggroups" or "usebuggroupsentry" turned on (and I
> never have in the past).  So why are these menu items appearing in
> bugzilla?  I don't want them to.  Thanks.

Because the groups exist.  Delete the groups and they won't show up.  The
"usebuggroups" only deals with whether products get tied to groups or not,
not whether you can actually use groups (which is kinda confusing - it
works better in 2.17.3 :)
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