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David Miller justdave at
Fri Mar 14 08:37:09 UTC 2003

On 3/13/03 3:01 PM -0800, Joseph Phillips wrote:

> Is there a way to make it so that when a user enter a new bug, and when
> that user belongs to more than one group, that if he selects a
> particular component for the project he is submitting the bug one, that
> the act of selecting the particular component will force the bug to be
> submitted as belonging to one particular group?
> Currently, the user who belongs to more than one group must choose which
> group with which he would like to submit the bug.  This is a problem,
> because I can't rely on the user to make the correct choice.
> Also, is there a way to prevent the user from entering the bug as a
> public bug?  This can happen if the user does not choose any of the
> groups when entering the bug.

You can do this per product (not per component) in 2.17.3 and up.  It has
the capability of making specific groups be mandatory on specific products
(they don't even get a checkbox to uncheck, it just happens)
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