Fw: Bugzilla 2.16.1-Urgent!

David Miller justdave at syndicomm.com
Thu Mar 13 18:41:09 UTC 2003

On 3/13/03 5:16 PM +0530, geeta wrote:

> Hello  Dave/Gervase/Jake,
> I know its bugging to bother you everywhile with issues, but I am again
> installing Bugzilla  I am finding some other kind of problems details not
> there in the news group & neither I have encountered in my earlier
> installations. This is one of my very last mails on the installation issues
> please help-

It's not so much the quantity of what you ask, it's the way you ask.

This is a community-supported project.  We answer questions when we can on
the list, but lots of other people here that are working on Bugzilla can
answer questions, too.  Addressing your messages to a specific person is a
good way to not get them answered.  That person may be busy at the time and
not have time to post, or they might not know the answer.  And because you
addressed it to a specific person, others might avoid answering because
they're assuming the person you addressed it to is going to answer.  You'll
get much better results if you don't address your questions to a specific

Also, the mailing list you're posting on is intended for people who are
developing Bugzilla, planning to contribute, or are working on making large
customizations to their installations.  Discussion here is generally
centered more around delevopment direction or specific alterations to
Bugzilla code.  Most of your questions have been general end-user
installation questions, which would be much better dealt with on the
mozilla-webtools mailing list, which has a much larger audience and many
more people who have installed Bugzilla in the past that may have run into
the problems you're having and have a solution for you.

The other reason people have been avoiding answering your posts is because
the above has already been explained to you multiple times on this list and
in private emails and you haven't been paying attention.  It's hard to help
someone who doesn't follow the helpful instructions they've already been

As Gerv mentioned in an earlier post, if you're having this much trouble
dealing with it, you might want to look into hiring one of the consultants
to set it up for you, because you're obviously having a pretty hard time of
it yourself.

Now on to your questions (Despite the above rant, I'm not a hateful
spiteful person and I'll still try to help - just keep the above in mind in
the future)

>> What could be the reason for the following error while compiling CGI.pl -
>> Subroutine confess redefined at /usr/lib/perl5/5.00503/Exporter.pm line
> 157

You are using Perl 5.00503 and you have the "use Carp" line and the
"die_with_dignity" sub uncommented in globals.pl.  That sub doesn't work
well on 5.00503.  It's generally useful on 5.6.0 and up.  Comment out the
"use Carp" line, the die_with_dignity sub, and the SIG{__DIE__} trap right
under the sub.  That function is only intended for debugging purposes
anyway, you don't want to run Bugzilla with that enabled on a day to day

>> Please help. meanwhile while checking from the server error log I get the
>> error Directory Index forbidden by rule,

The Options line for your Bugzilla direction in your httpd.conf file needs
to include the "Indexes" option.  Likewise, you need to find you
DirectoryIndex directive and make sure "index.cgi" is listed in it.

>> other warnings that I get are
>> Address already in use: make_sock: could not bind to
>> port 9090, I have installed Apache and defined the port 9090 already
> another version of apache is installed.

Is the other copy of Apache also using port 9090?  If so, use a different
port on this one.
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