Time Tracking

Jason Pyeron jason at pyeron.com
Thu Mar 13 15:30:50 UTC 2003

This sounds like a flex time system integrated with the qa software. 
Should I assume you are doing this for billing? If so you might just want 
to "link" bugzilla into your flex time system.

This is going a little off topic, I would be more than happy to discuss 
how we handle this issue, off list of course.


Jason Pyeron

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003, Casey Gregoire wrote:

We want more of a punch in, punch out on a bug. I can just add my own script
for it, I just wanted to see what the channel thought of it. May be it could
be an option? (If I wrote properly.) or just a patch.

	Casey Gregoire

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Casey Gregoire wrote:
> I have looked at the time tracking features now. What I was looking for is
> you start a timer, then when you are done working on that bug you go back
> the bug and hit stop timer. And that time gets added in. (a comment would
> added as well.)

There is no feature like that, sorry. What happens if you have two 
timers running at once? How does it know about holidays or illness?

The calculation of time spent is far better done by a human, IMO.


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