Time Tracking

Jake jake at bugzilla.org
Wed Mar 12 17:22:37 UTC 2003

Ouch. We generally don't provide a script to revert the schema as it's 
not the direction we encourage :) About the only way to go back is 
either restore from backup or look at the changes in checksetup.pl from 
2.16 to 2.17.3 and write a script that does the opposite.

Casey Gregoire wrote:

>Well today I made a stupid mistake. And don't know how to reverse it. When I
>tried to setup Bugzilla 2.17.3 on my machine I ran the checksetup.pl script
>on my 2.16 Bugzilla database and now 2.16 does not work with my database.
>Apparently some fields are different in the database in the 2.17 version.
>How do I get it back to the way it was? Can I?

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