Bugzilla #! perl location changing

David Miller justdave at syndicomm.com
Wed Mar 12 16:38:36 UTC 2003

On 3/12/03 10:17 AM -0500, PPrymmer at factset.com wrote:

> Could someone explain why $Config{startperl} extraction
> is not used for the tops of the files?  That is why have any
> hard coded, possibly incorrect path?  Note that h2ph and
> h2xs in the perl distrbution are extract from h2ph.PL and
> h2xs.PL respectively.  It is my understanding that bugzilla
> will be moving toward a Makefile.PL based installation.
> Within a Makefile.PL it is even easier to do .PL extraction
> provided the hash passed to WriteMakefile() has an
> entry 'EXE_FILES' that points to an array ref.  To make the
> example explicit you could have this set up (assuming
> that the index.PL file will become index.cgi and it is in
> the same directory as the Makefile.PL):

You quoted a message I wrote:

> See http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=196433 for details.

You'll notice on that bug that the long term goal is indeed intended to
rewrite the #! lines on the files as they get installed with the path to
the perl the installer was called with.  This is a short-term thing to make
it easier for people until that installer is ready.
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