problem with reports.cgi

Jonathan Schatz jon at
Thu Mar 6 19:40:57 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 23:26, Bradley Baetz wrote:
> GD::Graph should be installed separately, not into the Bugzilla tree.
> The template plugin should be a separate thing - what TT version do you
> have? And are you sure that its installed correctly?

[root at bugzilla jon]$ perl -MGD::Graph -e 'print $GD::Graph::VERSION,
[root at bugzilla jon]$ perl -MTemplate::Plugin::GD::Graph::bars -e 'print
[root at bugzilla jon]$ perl -MTemplate::Plugin -e 'print
i reinstalled all of these modules just to make sure, but it didn't
change anything. all of the tests passed though. 

i'm just curious as to why the call to Template::Plugin::GD::Graph::bars
is made as Bugzilla::Template::Plugin::GD::Graph::bars (this is in

is this code generally considered to work? any other ideas?

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VMware, Inc
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