capabilities of forthcoming group changes

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Mon Jun 30 16:50:42 UTC 2003

We've been using version 2.17.3 for ~4 months without any significant
problems (user base of 100+).  We are planning to upgrade to 2.17.4 as
it contains a fix for an erroneous attachment error message, but that's
not exactly a showstopper in my opinion.

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David Miller <justdave at> writes:

> Yes.
> Yes.
> Yes.  And the context you give is exactly what it was designed for. :)
> It's already implemented in 2.17.3 and up.

Very nice.  So is 2.17.3 at a stage where it would be even remotely
sane to consider using as long as we're willing to accept a bit of
instability?  I'm not quite familiar enough with the bugzilla
development process/cycle yet to be able to estimate that myself.

Thanks much.

Rob Browning
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