84876 (MTA Config patch) Funness

J. Paul Reed preed at sigkill.com
Sun Jun 22 22:30:49 UTC 2003

Hey all:

Since I'm now graduma-ated (well... sort of), I've started working on bug
84876, as promised. I've un-bitrotted the ProcessMail.pm patch, and gone
through the bug itself + all the old developers@ threads on this bug to
make sure that the patch addresses as many of the issues and concerns as

Right now, I'm going back and forth between fixing bug 100089, which is
the "templatize all email messages bug" and working on 84876. I did it
this way because my patch for 84876 effectively forces all Bugzilla mail
to be sent via templates... so 100089 and 84876 must be fixed at the same
time if we don't want to break mail. This may seem sort of cumbersome (and
Gerv's patch doesn't require this), but all email should be sent via
templates anyway, and doing it this way not only enforces that, but makes
the interface in the client code a bit cleaner.

Anyway, expect a new patch to 84876 shortly; this patch allows use of
sendmail (as always), Net::SMTP (by specifying your local mail server),
and a debug target, which dumps mail to a file. It also makes it easy for
Win32-ers (or others) to create a new "mail module" if they want to
(although these three mail modules are the only ones the Bugzilla team is
slated to support).

I'm in the middle of templatizing all the email messages; each message has
a body template and a header template.

Finally (the real reason for this email), I'd like to create a new
directory in CVS for the templates:


I was actually going back and forth between 'email' and 'mail', but...
it's a stylistic issue, mostly.

Any problems with that or does it conflict with anyone else's plans?

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