Can't access the html files inside the cgi-bin directory...

Joseph Robins jmrobins at
Fri Jun 20 13:27:45 UTC 2003

Patrick Lam wrote:
> ScriptAlias /bugzilla/ "/usr/local/bugzilla/"
> <Directory "/usr/local/bugzilla">
>             Options +ExecCGI
>             AllowOverride All
> </Directory>

You don't need both ScriptAlias and Options +ExecCGI.  They're both 
telling Apache to execute CGI scripts in that directory.  There is a 
difference, however.  ScriptAlias (if my memory serves correctly) tells 
it that _everything_ in that directory is a script, whereas Options 
+ExecCGI tells it that it's allowed to exec those things that it thinks 
are CGI.

All you need is an Alias directive to tell it where to find the 
directory, and then the Options +ExecCGI to let it execute the scripts. 
  So what you actually want is:

Alias /bugzilla/ "/usr/local/bugzilla/"

<Directory "/usr/local/bugzilla">
             Options +ExecCGI
             AllowOverride All


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