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Looking at the SOAP return values it appears there are standard
key/value sets that get returned for SOAP faults and the values can be
customized. Here is the "Discussion" from the SOAPLite page:

You can use die in three different modes: die with string (as in
Returning fault, will be reported as faultstring); die with object (as
in die_with_object() method, will be reported as detail); die with
SOAP::Fault object (as in die_with_fault() method), allows you to
specify all parameters of provided Fault. Both faultcode and faultstring
are required, so library will specify them for you even if you omit

On Tue, 2003-06-17 at 10:57, J. Paul Reed wrote:
> > - General philosophy on API arguments but more specifically return
> > values (thin, heavy, complex, simple)
> I'm not a SOAP guru, so this is a question more than a suggestion, but
> does it make sense to use (XP)COM-style return values, i.e. a "call
> succeeded" or "call failed for this specific reason" return value (bug id
> wasn't a number, bad bug id, etc.)
> In COM, it's necessary, but I would think that it would make sense here
> too, because it would give the client very specific information about what
> the actual error was on the server-side, if there was one.
> Of course, this requires use of out-parameters, which in perl means
> "out-references," complicating things, but only slightly.
> Later,
> Paul
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