Jim Walters jimw at
Tue Jun 17 15:33:40 UTC 2003

I finally have my system set up to start working on this. For the

- Using SOAPLite 0.55
- Development Bugzilla server is running in an instance of "user mode
- Using Mozilla's javascript SOAP support for the client mainly because
the debugger lets me paw through the returned XML.
- dev is against 2.17.4
- SOAP server code ( successfully runs from Bugzilla perl module
directory and can use the other libraries in that directory

Anyway, there are a bunch of things to figure out

- Which APIs to implement
-  What to do when I run up against Bugzilla library functions which are
"close but no cigar" when it comes to being used within the SOAP library
(an initial look at implementing a simple show_bug&id=1 function
indicates this may happen occasionally)
- General philosophy on API arguments but more specifically return
values (thin, heavy, complex, simple)
- Need to learn Perl better in order to know whether I really need to
resolve namespaces with things like Bugzilla::DB:ConnectToDatabase() all
the time.

The nice surprise was the SOAP support in Mozilla. It will give me a
chance to play with XUL widgets along the way.

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