support emails and bugzilla...

Jason Pyeron jason at
Wed Jun 11 14:35:17 UTC 2003

Does any one know of a project to tag emails and store them in bugzilla?

I am looking to track the support at email.

If one does not exist I will have to write it.
Looking for pointers then.

Here is what I have identified so far:
 pipe in MIME message
  message body to comments
  attachments to attachments

 create a token to identify the email and bug
  token needs to be crypto secure
  need to be able to extract the bug #

 if incoming message has token then verify and append to bug.

 needs to be able to do actions in bugzilla as sender of email
  this means that a user might need to be created.
  optionally do all actions in bugzilla as set user

 generate report/email based on values
  ie auto reply saying please reply to this or goto http://bug/43 etc.

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