Information required for developing ER diagram of Bugzilla database.

Myk Melez myk at
Tue Jun 10 17:56:42 UTC 2003

sadia aina wrote:

>I am working on the entity relationship diagram of
>bugzilla database.
Great!  Such a diagram would be a welcome addition to the Bugzilla 
documentation if you are willing/able to contribute it.  This is 
especially true for the most recent Bugzilla development release 
(2.17.4), for which no known schema information exists.  Earlier 
releases have been documented at the following URLs:

>1. I have gone through the entire database and there
>is one thing strange ,there is not Foreign key
>specified for any primary key. so how to figure out
>the refrential integrity between the tables.
In many cases the keys are named the same in two tables, f.e. "bug_id" 
in the bugs and attachments tables.  In other cases a foreign key will 
be named after the table containing the primary key, f.e. the 
"product_id" foreign key in the components table, which refers to the 
"id" primary key in the products table.  In a few cases the keys are 
more obtuse, f.e. the "who" column in several tables is a foreign key 
for the "userid" column in the profiles table.  The first link above is 
a good reference for such information.

>2. Is there any rationale behind not specifying
>foreign keys.
At the time Bugzilla was developed MySQL didn't support foreign keys.  
It does now (via the InnoDB table type), but Bugzilla still hasn't been 
modified to use them.


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