m2bz: Mantis to Bugzilla Database Migration Tool

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Tue Jun 10 09:53:40 UTC 2003

Julian Mehnle wrote:

> my employer recently changed their internally used bug-tracking system from
> Mantis[2] to Bugzilla, 

That's very interesting - could you tell us about why they/you decided 
to make the change?

> and thus had to migrate their whole bulk of existing
> bug reports to the new system.  So I wrote a complete migration tool for
> them, and they decided to make it available freely under the GNU GPL, which
> allows me to distribute it on my homepage[1] (it's not currently available
> from their web site).
> Maybe you want to include it in the Bugzilla distribution package, or add a
> link to it to the Bugzilla website or documentation?

Thank you for writing this tool. :-) Which versions of Mantis and 
Bugzilla does it work with?

To include it in Bugzilla (perhaps in the "contrib" directory), it would 
  probably need to be licensed under the MPL (Mozilla Public License), 
either instead or as well, because that's the license that Bugzilla 
uses. Do you think your employer might agree to that?

Otherwise, we could link to it from our documentation.


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