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Sean McAfee etzwane at
Tue Jun 10 08:07:38 UTC 2003 attached.  Untar it in Bugzilla's root directory to try it out.


o  bz-cf-schema.txt
   Source this from a mysql prompt to set up the custom fields schema.

o  bz-cf-data.txt
   Source this from a mysql prompt to populate the database with some
   sample custom field data.  All the sample fields belong to product 1,
   whichever one that is.

o  editcustomfields.cgi
   The main program.

o  template/en/default/custom-field/*
   Various templates.

Whew!  That took considerably longer than I'd been expecting.  The code
probably has a few rough edges remaining, but I'm still pretty happy
with it.  Hopefully much of it can be leveraged into other BZ programs.
I don't know of any outstanding bugs.  All comments are welcome.


*  The code does not currently disallow non-administrator access because,
   well, I'm not entirely sure how to do that.  Best not to try it on a live

*  No stock Bugzilla tables are written to.  Only two, "bugs" and
   "products", are read from.

*  Presently, there is no way to create a new field group from scratch.

*  I did not implement editing of selection fields, because the mechanism I
   originally proposed came to seem rather unwieldy to me.  Alternative
   suggestions are welcome.

*  The code does not yet support multiple locales.  If we all ultimately
   agree that custom field display names belong in the database, as I aver,
   then all that is needed is a few extra joins to a new table--cf_text,
   perhaps.  Otherwise, more work is needed...

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