localisation (2.16.3) : still a lot of english pages...

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Jun 6 09:48:42 UTC 2003


> Just seen that translating template/en/* is far from being enough :
> Many hardcoded english messages are still in cgi files...

Yes - 2.16 was a "good first try" at localisability, but it wasn't quite 
finished. The situation in 2.17.x is much better, although we still have 
the email system to do, because it hasn't been templatised yet.

> Should it be a good think to create a patch to be applied to cgi files ?
> (this brokes language choice if done)

You may want to make such a patch for people who want a French-only 
Bugzilla; everyone else will just have to cope with English errors.


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