Access to Bugzilla is always forbidden!!!

Patrick Lam patrickl at
Thu Jun 5 05:13:07 UTC 2003

Dear all:
I followed exactly what the Bugzilla Guide (2.16.3) to install
everything that is needed (on RH 7.3), except some modules are newer
than the required ones.  ./checksetup runs fine and does not complain
any error.  However, when I tried to access index.cgi, I always got the
You don't have permission to access /bugzilla/index.cgi on this server.
I tried almost all the possibilities (restart httpd, rerun checsetup,
reinall bugzilla, etc.), and still can't get through this.  Why is that?
One thing, though, I did successfully install bugzilla on another
machine with exactly the same config (without any problems at all)!!
But I just can't repeat that here!!
Your help will be very much appreciated !!
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